Loss Adjusting

Loss adjusting is one of our core services we offer to our clients. We literally drive the way loss adjusting is being carried out in India. We are fast, quick and fair in reporting losses to our clients and has handled losses all over the country with our vast network of offices. The standards we follow are unmatchable in the industry that has given us competitive advantage over our peers in the industry.

The segments for which we carried out loss adjusting are given below:

Fire and Allied Claims

We have handled Fire and Allied Claims across all verticals in the industry and commerce. We have evaluated losses for various industries ranging from SMEs to big corporate houses. Our team of highly qualified industry experts is fully equipped to minimize TATs and meet clients’ expectations.

Our experience ranges from all types of fire accidents be it in an office building or fire in a process plant or fire in a warehouse or fire in an auto ancillary plant.


We are expert in resolving all kinds of engineering claims, be it for construction equipment, consumer electronics, chemical, cement, iron, steel, mining, power, oil & gas, hospitals, chemical industries, textiles, telecom and other infrastructure projects.

Under large industrial all risks policy, we have handled all kinds of claims including machinery breakdown, complex failures, contractor's plant and machinery. In such cases, we deploy our core team of domain experts who bring with them specialised knowledge of the industry that lead us to reach to the root cause of the loss and calculate the fair liability of the insurance company.

Marine Cargo

At SKAAD, we have expert surveyors who have domain expertise in cargo and hull/machinery surveys. Our core team is capable and have in depth knowledge of loss prevention measures of cargo.

While handling losses in marine industry, our team of experts work diligently to protect the interest of our clients within the limits of the cargo insurance policy. We strictly adhere to the ethical standards, for which we are highly respected in the industry. Our Marine Insurance Surveys are in compliance with all the requisite standards to ensure your claim delivery process is smooth, swift and trouble free.


Our team of loss assessors is well versed and highly experienced in the areas of legal aspects and insurance. We make sure our team remains updated on the latest trends, policy changes in areas of liability. We adhere to strict timelines, maintained confidentiality norms and always insist on detailed and exhaustive reports with supportive case laws from our team members who are working on the case.

Our expertise has covered a wide range of liability but not limited to: professional liability, general liability, cyber liability, directors’ and officers’ liability, Clinical Trials liability, Employers’ Liability, Employment practices liability, Product Recall etc.

Project & Construction

We have highly skilled subject matter expert adjusters who have specialised knowledge of the sector and has delivered exceptional services to our clients in the field of project and construction.

We have successfully handled claims and losses for complex large hydro-electric power projects all across the country. We are known for swift actions and suggesting appropriate course of action to reduce losses. We have unparalleled expertise in Construction All Risk (CAR) and Engineering All Risk (EAR) domains.

Miscellaneous Claims

Miscellaneous Claims are those claims that are not covered under fire, marine or engineering insurance. For example, cash losses, theft, bank indemnity, and jeweler block claims, etc.

We have a panel of experts that are fully equipped to handle the insurance claims that fall under this category. They identify the nature of losses, assess and provide the best suited monetary resolution to the claims. Our services and expertise include financial line coverage, affinity programs, routine robbery / burglary claims, films & sports events.

CAT Losses

Surveying and handling losses and claims arising out of catastrophic conditions be it man made or natural disasters has remained our forte. Our highly expert team has worked under such extreme pressures and delivered on time and exceptional results, as per the satisfaction of the clients.

Recent Cat Losses

  • Uttrakhand flood - 2013
  • Kashmir flood - 2014
  • Tamil Nadu Floods - 2015
  • Vardah Cyclone - 2016
  • Titli Cyclone - 2018
  • Kerala Flood – 2018
  • Fani Cyclone – 2019


In addition to loss and claim assessment, we are also active in the field of valuation for more than a decade. We have done asset valuation for various industrial segments ranging from IT, Banking, heavy machinery, automobile, media, etc.

We have a panel of experts who have deep experience in valuation and are highly conversant with IT.

Risk Inspection and Project Monitoring

We are expert in conducting inspections across various industries to serve the purpose of underwriting and of PML assessment. Our team engaging in risk inspection is well verses in various methodologies and approaches of risk assessment and have been involved with various industrial segments.

SKAAD is also providing project monitoring services for critical path monitoring according to PERT charts (under ALOP policies) and regular and systematised monitoring and reporting on project progress.

Delegated Authority

Under delegated authority, our team of experts are given an authority by the insurers to settle the claims up to certain amount, in a stipulated time, once a team makes on-site visit. Our highly qualified and experienced adjuster with all necessary documents and information available work in close coordination with our in-office support.

We have handled various such losses without compromising on quality with our skilled loss adjusters in an efficient and swift manner.